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Flint Mayor Karen Weaver speaks with reporters on Friday, Oct. 27, 2017, at Flint City Hall in this Flint Journal file photo. "Hydrovacing is missing lead and galvanized service lines ...," the mayor said. "I'm not going to be a part of putting profit over people or having cost savings more important than life-saving. I'm not going to do that ... "We've played Russian roulette with some people," she told FWICC members. If the cessation is anything but temporary, it will change the substance of Flint's program for identifying and removing service lines, potentially raising the cost of the program as well as slowing down its pace. "Recently, there were some concerns brought to the Mayor's attention surrounding the accuracy of the Hydrovac method," said Candice Mushatt, a spokeswoman for Weaver. "At this time, the City has chosen to pause using that method.  The health and well-being of Flint residents have been Mayor Weaver's primary concern and will remain as such. Mayor Weaver will not compromise the lives of citizens to save money."  The mayor made her decision a focal point at the meeting of FWICC, an advisory committee created and appointed by Gov. Rick Snyder. Mayor says Flint shouldn't be forced to hydro-excavate before service line work A worker involved in the service line project appeared at the meeting, saying he was aware of a few dozen instances in which service lines that appeared to be copper after hydro-excavation turned out to have unexposed connections that were not. "As we dig a little we find there are connections under the ground that are galvanized and lead as well," he said.

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